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Sharing knowledge

Say legal likes to share knowledge. During one-on-one sessions, a postgraduate course or as a speaker or chairperson at events with 300+ participants. The number of participants is not relevant, what counts is the energy in the room.

Sarah has extensive experience in speaking in various settings. She is a frequent speaker at annual food events organised by European Food & Feed Law Review (EFFL), VMT (Food Future Event, Food Law Event), VoedingNu and Die Akademie Fresenius. She also teaches at the Professional Education for Trademark and Design Attorneys (BBMM), Rutgers University New Jersey in the United States and she teaches a recurring course in food law at LegalPlanet. Sarah furthermore teaches food law and advertising law in smaller groups: for example through master classes, courses for lawyers or in-house workshops.

Sarah also contributes to (legal) development and ‘knowledge transfer’ by writing articles and annotations (comments) under judgements of the European Court of Justice, judgements of Netherlands courts or decisions of the Advertising Code Committee or the Board of Appeal. See below some of these articles and annotations.

Say legal places these activities under a separate flag: Say legal academy.

What can Say legal academy do for me?

Say legal academy - Sarah Arayess
  • Courses and workshops
  • Chair (themes: (healthy) food, future food, (social media) marketing, sustainability)
  • Postacademic courses
  • (Guest) lectures for universities and colleges
  • In-house traning of teams (such as marketing, legal or regulatory affairs)


Article (in Dutch) Zo natuurlijk is dat nog niet (Waar & Wet 2014)

Article (in Dutch) Kroniek reclamerecht (IER 2015)

Article (in Dutch) Vergelijkende reclame en voeding: feestmaal of verboden vrucht (Waar & Wet 2015)

Article (in Dutch) Kroniek reclamerecht (IER 2016)

Article (in Dutch) Mindfoulness: een open blik op (misleidende) verpakkingen (Waar & Wet 2016)

Annotation (in Dutch) case 100% Xylitol (IER 2016)

Annotation (in Dutch) case Heksenkaas B.V./VWS (IER 2016)

Annotation (in Dutch) Hof van Justitie Verband Sozialer Wettbewerb / Innova Vital (IER 2016)

Annotation (in Dutch) Kroniek reclamerecht (IER 2016)

Article (in Dutch) Claimcultuur: over levensmiddelenrecht en merken (BMM Bulletin 2017)

Book (in Dutch) Bijzondere Voeding en voedingssupplementen (Praktijkgids Waar & Wet 2017)

Article (in Dutch) K3-koekjes, snoep-samples en vloggende tieners (Waar & Wet 2017)

Annotation (in Dutch) Hof van Justitie Tofutown (IER 2017)

Annotation (in Dutch) Hof van Justitie Champagner Sorbet (IER 2018)

Annotation (in Dutch) Reclame Code Commissie, Coolbest Skinny Orange (IER 2019)

Country Report Focus points of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority in 2020 (EFFL 2020)

Article (in Dutch) De nieuwe Verordening Wederzijdse Erkenning: oude wijn in nieuwe zakken? (Waar & Wet 2020)

Article (co-authored) The response of the EU agri-food chain to the COVID-19 pandemic: chronicles from the EU and selected Member States (EFFL 2020)

Country Report “Food Supplements News from the Netherlands” (EFFL 2021)

Article (in Dutch) Einde voor claims in merken nu echt in zicht (VMT 2021)

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